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Sub-Contractors - Tracking Performance

Do you work with sub-contractors?

How do you rate and track sub-contractors' performance on each job?

The ability to rate each visit made by a sub-contractor on a job by job basis will provide a very effective method to identify the best and worse performing sub-contractors......

Rate Each Visit

There are a range of factors that will be important to each company and they may not be the same, so the ability to be able to define them specific to the factors of interest to you is key for your software.

One or two factors is probably not enough to provide a  good report, but too many will become bureaucratic and probably won't get done. Ten factors is probably a good compromise and will cover factors such as:

  • Did they arrive on time
  • First time fix
  • Customer satisfaction / complaints
  • Did they follow your process e.g. timely updates, pictures provided
  • Correct invoicing
  • etc...


You will want to be able to see results on a contractor by contractor basis and also over certain date ranges to see if performance is improving or declining. Another important factor might be who the work was for e.g. client and/or site.

Often your clients will want a report about your performance on their sites such as did you attend when you said you would, was the issue fixed first time or a recall required. No software is going to meet everyone's unique requirements, however, you should have the ability to export the raw data into a program like excel and manipulate the date to provide a comprehensive report the way you want it.

Tracking Supplier Invoices and matching to the job

One of the last steps is the invoice from the sub-contractor for their work they have done. There are several areas that need to be checked like:

  • Have they invoiced the agreed amount.
  • Is the invoice been sent in the agreed time frame.
  • Does the invoice contain the information we require.
  • Has the invoice been paid.
  • Ensure there is no 'over invoicing'.

How to get more on this topic:

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